One of the best ways to raise awareness and funds for our cause, is by holding events. Brighter Futures event experiences have a reputation for being in demand, innovative, far reaching but most importantly, fun!

Brighter Futures aims to make events into unique experiences that live on beyond the event itself.

From Darts to Dogs Dinners, from Balloons to Ballroom, from Serendipity to Serenade! We always aim to create a lively atmosphere with a suitable theme.

Any event provides a platform for people to learn what we are about, what we have achieved so far and what we envision for the future. The aim of our events is to increase awareness about the often hidden but significant social issues affecting families living in Jersey. We want to make Jersey the best place to live for everyone and that means making a difference to those who need a little help, meaning a better future for generations to come.

Events enable us to carry on our work with the many families who come to Brighter Futures each year. The events also help us to build relationships between volunteers and donors, along with connecting people within our community.

Brighter Futures believes there are many reasons to host/attend fundraising events and they are worth so much more than just the money they raise.

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Past events .

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