15 Feb 2022 09:30 AM

Information Roadshow for Brighter Futures clients and families.

Brighter Futures clients and their families joined us at The Bridge on Tuesday 15th February 2022 for our VERY FIRST Information Roadshow.

The Roadshow was a great chance to speak to and hear from external agencies who offered their advice, help and support to our clients.

Our Brighter Futures Families heard about the services and opportunities offered by:

  1. Highlands College
  2. Income Support
  3. Get Ahead
  4. Trackers
  5. Back to Work
  6. Skills Jersey
  7. Jersey Recovery College.
  8. Housing Gateway

As a result of the Roadshow, referrals can be made to numerous different services.

We would like to thank all the agencies that attended and hope that everyone who came along found it helpful, too! We hope to repeat the event next year.


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