08 Feb 2018 09:00 AM

The effect of poverty and disadvantage on families..

For Brighter Futures 10th year of supporting local families with parenting and life challenges the charity has put together the ‘Just about managing…’ conference to discuss the effect of poverty and disadvantage on families. Key note speakers Julia Unwin and Esther Dermott will lead the conference with talks on the changing face of poverty across the UK as well as child poverty and the resulting parenting practices.

The consequences of poverty led disadvantage to adulthood on the wider community in terms of cost to public services will be considered as will the responsibility of the micro community to support ones neighbours in times of difficulty. The island of Jersey is also under the microscope where substantial wealth hides an unexpectedly large community facing extreme disadvantage and poverty while the issue is largely unseen by the local public and media.

Date and time

Thursday, 8 February 2018
08:30 – 13:30 GMT


Radisson Blu Jersey
Rue de L'etau
JE2 3WF St Helier

Conference speakers

  • Julie Unwin – Author of ‘Why Fight Poverty’ (Key Note Speaker)
  • Esther Dermott – Research Director for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, University of Bristol (Key Note Speaker)
  • Senator Ian Gorst – Chief Minister
  • Deputy Kristina Moore – States of Jersey, Home Affairs
  • Deborah McMillan - Jersey Children's Commissioner
  • Wendy Hurford – Brighter Futures
  • Fiona Brennan – Brighter Futures

Just about managing... is sponsored by the Ana Leaf Foundation

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