05 Oct 2019 07:00 PM

Serendipity Suppers - Supper.

‘Serendipity Suppers’ is a fundraising concept kindly gifted to us from Young Bristol, a youth driven charity that works to offer a choice of opportunities and experiences for all young people.

Here at Brighter Futures, we loved the concept, formula and opportunity to try something different which will then engage more of our Island community with our work. From these events, not only will our attendees join together and have a little fun – but most importantly, the proceeds from these occasions will benefit our neighbours in need of support here in Jersey.

Our Serendipity Suppers will take place throughout September & October 2019 consisting of lunches, dinners, receptions & experiences. It is open to couples, singles, and we even have an event for our 4-legged friends!

The unique offering here is that as a guest, the venue and host will only be revealed a few days before the event itself, hence the name Serendipity Suppers being a perfect theme for these fabulous one-off occasions!

  • We have found 9 treasured hosts who are willing to help us, the majority of whom are opening up their beautiful private homes in order to support us with launching this initiative
  • Each of our hosts will be presenting a different theme & also a specialised menu to accompany their own event; in fact the menus and chosen dates are the only initial pieces of information presented to the guests!

This is our first series of lovely events which we intend to run this Autumn and then expand next year. We are aiming for these to become a regular and established set of calendar events, thereby also providing sustainable funding for Brighter Futures. We aim to use the Serendipity concept going forwards as a platform to raise more awareness of what we do as a local charity here in Jersey.

Together, we are creating Brighter Futures for families in Jersey

For more details and to make a reservation please contact:

Sarah Nibbs:

Mobile: 07797 849312


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