Carla Brito.


I have worked for Brighter Futures since 2012, when I volunteered here for a short time. I was then offered a job as trainee keyworker. I have studied for the Work With Parents NVQ Level 3 diploma.

I currently facilitate the Wellbeing, Rest and Repair programme and previously had in house training to facilitate our Circle of Security group. I'm also trained in Group and Level 1 Theraplay principles and I'm a Mental Health First Aider.

I run ABC (Achieving Better Connections) which is a parent and child group. This is for children aged from four to nine years old to support and build the relationship and attachment between a child and parent or caregiver. On Mondays, I co-facilitate our Growing Together group. I also co-facilitate Wants and Wishes with my colleague Michelle as required.

I also organise and run the Physibods graduation event - this is the highlight of the year for many Brighter Futures families, and its coming up to nine years of my involvement now!

I am very involved in the Safeguarding and Child Protection elements and this is a large part of my role, as well as building good working relationships with families, and seeing the outcomes.

Apart from absolutely loving my job and all the variety that it brings and working with so many lovely people (both colleagues and families), one of the nicest things about my role and what I value the most is supporting clients to see and find the best in themselves, believing in them and seeing the transformation in them.

I am also one of the Portuguese-speaking members of the team so that I can help our Portuguese-speaking clients.

Eu falo portugues.

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