Fiona Brennan.

Brighter Futures Manager:

Prior to joining Brighter Futures I worked in Education, in both primary and secondary school settings, supporting children with Special Educational Needs.

I joined Brighter Futures in July 2008 as a Keyworker, which involved running courses and groups for families, as well as providing 1:1 support for an individual client base of up to 40 clients at that time. A Keyworker works closely with clients to support them and their families on their journey with Brighter Futures, which is known as 'The Journey to Well-being'.

I was appointed Manager for Brighter Futures in May 2010. As well as supporting the team, I am required to co-ordinate the operational aspect of the Charity, and to lead on the application and oversight of the Brighter Futures` Journey to Well-being. The purpose of my role is to ensure that clients are provided with opportunities to improve family wellbeing, are able to gain knowledge and develop life skills that support them to realise their full potential.

It is a privilege to work with the Brighter Futures team and to work alongside our wonderful families and share their journey with Brighter Futures.

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