Allison Pereira.

Creche team facilitator

I joined Brighter Futures after first being a client of the charity from 2008 until 2011. After my journey as a client had ended, I then volunteered until I became a creche facilitator.

Together with creche team, I take care of the children whose parents or main carers attend Brighter Futures to take part in our programmes. This ensures that they can have some respite and so they can have some time by themselves and focus on their course, as well as getting to know others. We work with parents to help to settle their children in to the creche.

The babies and children in our creche tend to be anything from 3 months old up to pre-nursery age. We enable the children to lead their own play and decide what they want to do!

It is lovely to watch the babies and toddlers in our care grow and to see their characters forming. It’s great to watch the children flourish and also being able to help parents achieve their goals. Together, they grow as a family.

I refer to the Brighter Futures team as my second family - I love my job!

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