We help clients to think about what may be affecting their mindset and emotions, supporting them to build positive relationships whilst taking care of themselves.

Our positive mental health and well-being programmes encourage and support our clients to develop positive strategies that will enable them to cope with difficult life situations.

Brighter Futures' facilitators support clients to identify healthy strategies to improve and maintain positive mental well-being. We help clients to think about what may be affecting their mindset and wellbeing supporting them to build positive relationships whilst taking care of themselves.

We all face challenges in life however, with positive mental health we are able to bounce back more easily from these experiences to better cope.

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For parents/carer

This introduces relaxation strategies to encourage a positive state of mind and body which helps you to feel safe and more able to cope with life’s up and downs.
Sessions include massage, visualisation and breathing techniques.

Improve Mum and Baby’s overall wellbeing with this Relaxation Programme which is offered for pregnant ladies.

This visualisation and breathing techniques programme helps to calm the mind and can help to reduce stress and anxieties.

Deep breathing can help to oxygenate the cells in the body which will benefit baby by helping him or her to receive lots of oxygen.

This programme will be facilitated by a keyworker who will sit with mum and support throughout, improving both mum and babies overall Wellbeing.

For parents/carers

Our Mindfulness course, run by Dr Carolyn Coverley, teaches how to live our lives in the present moment.

The sessions are based on meditation and relaxing yoga techniques which, when practiced regularly can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress helping us to feel more in control and able to cope with challenging situations.

This interactive course is friendly and supportive and is perfect for beginners.

For parents/carers

The wellbeing benefits of regular walking are well documented.

By putting a regular programme in place, parents are more likely to make time and join in. They enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with nature, improve their overall health and anxieties and connect with other parents. Being active promotes positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience enabling us to to cope better with difficult situations.

It improves self-perception and self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, and it reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. Physically active people have up to a 30% reduced risk of becoming depressed, and staying active helps those who are depressed to recover.

For 6 years and up.

This is a method that uses simple drawing techniques and is designed to let a child process his or her feelings or worries, in a safe environment and at their own pace.

Drawing and Talking encourages each side of a child’s brain to work together to process memories by combining:

  • Drawing (creative) – which is a right-brained activity
  • Talking (verbal) – which is a left-brained activity

Some memories may be combined with high levels of emotion which are stored in the right brain and may be expressed in visual form through the child’s drawings.

Talking about the drawing allows a ‘THINKING PROCESS’ to take place which may help a child process their thoughts and feelings.

For parents/carer

Learn how to calm your mind through our 6 weeks relaxation/meditation course.

Meditation is a gentle way to bring more peace and calm into your life. By balancing the nervous system, through relaxation techniques and focusing your mind in the present moment you can reduce stress and live a much happier and healthier life.

This is a 6 week course of an hour of deep relaxation with creche facilities available if required.

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