Sarah Nibbs.

Brighter Futures is absolutely delighted to welcome back Sarah Nibbs, one of our first Ambassadors.

Sarah has been an Ambassador for Brighter Futures for several years after she was introduced to the Charity by Ambassador Gemma Le Sueur and Brighter Futures founder Wendy Hurford MBE.

Sarah has helped to organise and speak at various fund-raising events about the work of Brighter Futures.

She works in the legal profession, and enjoys event management, fundraising and increasing the profile of our fantastic charity.

Sarah really enjoyed watching a *Physibods graduation (and doing the Hokey Cokey) with the staff, carers and children and then watching the children show off their movement and co-ordination skills.

*Physibods is a Brighter Futures programme for children aged three to four years with a focus on, co.ordination, balance and movement.

One of Sarah's favourite activities for Brighter Futures has been collecting presents and wrapping these to give as Christmas gifts for all those parents and carers whose families benefit from the Charity, a huge effort undertaken with fellow Ambassadors Gemma Le Sueur, Katriona Hollywood and Louise Kenyon.

The role of an Ambassador is an important one as it helps us reach new people, inspire new fundraising initiatives as we all work together to create brighter futures for families in Jersey.

For more information of the role of an Ambassador please contact;

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