Parent Ambassadors.

Brighter Futures Parent Ambassadors

Our Parent Ambassadors are valued members of the Brighter Futures Team.

Aims and objectives

Established in 2022, the aim of the Parent Ambassadors group is to provide a platform for parents to share their views and opinions in a safe and supportive environment.

The group is designed to collect the voices and thoughts and share the challenges faced within the community with appropriate contacts in Jersey. Our parent ambassadors represent Brighter Futures and help to develop the influence they have on society and hope to bring about positive change.

Since the inception of this group, our parent ambassadors have met with a number of Jersey politicians, the Brighter Futures Patron Dr Kyd, and have attended supporting events held by Brighter Futures. The group is facilitated by Brighter Futures staff, and guests, agencies and politicians are invited to attend when required.

The Parent Ambassadors meet once per term (a creche is provided), and the group holds a maximum of 12 Ambassadors at any one time.

Testimonial: “Being part of the parent ambassador group is amazing as it makes me feel like my voice is being heard and my opinions matter.”

Testimonial: “Being a parent ambassador for Brighter Futures has opened up various opportunities for myself which I feel personally we wouldn’t have the resources of doing or the knowledge of how to connect with people such as politicians, Anduim Homes, companies or organisations.

I do feel that with the support of Brighter Futures being in the background and supporting us as parent ambassadors, we feel that our voice is getting heard and we can support families in the same situation as us ambassadors.

It is amazing as a parent ambassador that we do have the opportunity to meet potential funders so that they can see for themselves the fantastic support that Brighter Futures give to their clients and they can hear it in our own words and not just what they are told.”

Testimonial “I love being part of the Parent Ambassadors Group, as we can be in the know in areas that we have concerns about and give our points of view on these subjects. Which can help us and other parents with points of view and can be heard by the people who have the power to put forward these changes and improvements.”

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