Michelle Buckles.

Brighter Futures is very proud to welcome Michelle Buckles as an Ambassador.

In the first instance, volunteering can be an important way of evaluating an organisation for possible future support. Michelle joined us a number of years ago also, and she reports that;

“Brighter Futures mission and ability to serve our local community were the most critical factors when determining whether or not to give my time to this organisation."

With Michelle being connected to Brighter Futures, we are able to build a stronger, more inclusive community. Together we are able to achieve lasting results as we work together to support and steer diverse income streams with involvement and guidance from our Ambassadors who bring a wealth of additional experience and perspective.

Michelle dedicates her time to both Brighter Futures and the NSPCC Jersey, for whom she is a member of the Fundraising Committee.

When Ambassadors/Volunteers give freely of their own time within the third sector they are truly valued and we see them as a great gift.

For more information of the role of an Ambassador please contact; s.nibbs@brighterfutures.org.je

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