White Collar Darts 2022, what a night!

White Collar Darts 2022, WOW what a night!.

Once again White Collar Darts aimed for the bullseye and soared to success.

In a culmination of their rigorous training programme, on a Saturday spooktacular we witnessed some of the wildest walk ons (besides one player who was unceremoniously carried to the stage), an abundance of enthusiastically thrown darts and an atmosphere that is always electric. Also, as always, the funds so generously raised which will help ensure more families receive a Brighter Future in Jersey.

Great credit goes to Jersey Darts who are complete stars - the heartbeat of the operation over the two months. What they don’t know about darts isn’t worth knowing about! Also, the JMI and the fab team who work there.

Island Fever Events are always a pleasure to work alongside. Our Ambassador, Gareth, has done a superb job getting this charity fundraiser together over the years along with our friend, Sarah Nibbs, so we thank them both for their hard work and support.

Please see the link for photos that have been shared with us by our photographer on the evening, Paul Watson: POST PHOTOS HERE

I think you will agree the photos encapsulate the theatre of the evening tremendously.

AND of course .. our amazing Class of 22’ and everyone who attended in making it the unique spectacle it really is!

Also, congratulations to the Brighter Futures WCD22’ winner Craig “Lock Stock and Three Smoking Barrels” Leitch who weathered the storm of our runner up, Tom “The Thunder” Boswell to claim the coveted crown! White Collar Darts - it’s brilliantly bonkers, an experience like no other and we can’t wait for the next one!

Class of 22’:

  1. Jason “Longshot” Loveless
  2. Andy “The Bay City Thrower” McCabe
  3. Marc “The Business” Walmsley
  4. “Magic Mike” Greig
  5. Toby “Thriller” Gasston
  6. Craig “Lock Stock & Three Smoking Barrels” Leitch
  7. Tom “The Thunder” Boswell
  8. Patrick “The Eagle” Maloney
  9. “The Stig”
  10. John “The Acorn Arrow” Hill
  11. Bardia “Big B” Bonakdar
  12. Tracy “Spacie Tracie” Greechan
  13. “Oli G” Cano Lopez
  14. Bradley “Gunner” Gibb
  15. Louise “Open Dart Surgeon” Howey
  16. Danny “Wombul” Bryan


  • Ema Hawley
  • Angie Le Bailly
  • Eddie Le Bailly
  • Stuart Moon
  • Bobby Williams
  • Phil Speak
  • Darrell Bickley
  • Sid Bell
  • Adam Clarke
  • Amanda Cotillard
  • Gem Marquer

Thanks to the suppliers listed below and many more for making this fantastic event happen too:

Are you an eagle-eyed arrow enthusiast looking to grace the White Collar oche, whilst also raising funds for Brighter Futures? Get in touch!


Paul Watson Photography

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