SaSo Strategic Advisers support Brighter Futures

Thank you SaSo for supporting our creche!.

Brighter Futures are being supported by SaSo Strategic Advisers this year and we are really grateful for their support!

SaSo have part-funded our creche workers salaries, which directly contributes to Brighter Futures being able to support our clients' children safely, as their parent or main carer attends one of our groups or programmes.

The creche facility is extremely popular with the families who use Brighter Futures.

Between October 2021 and September 2022, our crèche supported 355 children. Four full-time staff members run the creche.

Our Trusts and Grants Manager, Judith, explained:

As Trusts and Grants Manager, and on behalf of all the team and client families of Brighter Futures, we would like to thank SaSo Strategic Advisers for their kind donation to part-fund our creche facility.

This donation will enable Brighter Futures to continue its essential charitable provision in Jersey during our 15th year in operation, which is our crystal year.”

Explaining their reasonings for supporting this initiative, Garry Forbes, Managing Director of SaSo Strategic Advisers, added: “At SaSo, we are proud of our Channel Island heritage and roots. Being a locally-entrenched firm, supporting Channel Islanders to build, preserve and protect their wealth for the future is at the heart of what we do. We were keen to take this opportunity to support the wider community, especially after visiting Brighter Futures and seeing first-hand the great work that they do, which is so invaluable to some local families. Over the last 15 years, Brighter Futures' work has been an ongoing and integral part of Jersey’s support system for families. We are delighted that our funding will support such a valuable local community initiative for those in our society who need it most.”

Thank you, Saso, from all in #TeamBrighterFutures

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