Introducing your sixteen darts players for White Collar Darts 2023

Lights, Camera, Bullseye...

White Collar Darts | Saturday, 17th June 2023.

WE ARE BACK at the RJA on Saturday, 17th June, with another evening of electric entertainment, fantastic fundraising and brilliant bullseyes for Brighter Futures.

Sixteen amateur players, Eight weeks of coaching, One night, One incredible experience. One White Collar Darts Champion. The question is - Who will it be?

Lights, Camera, Bullseye.. Introducing your sixteen darts players for White Collar Darts 2023.

  1. Andrew 'The Mullet' Millett - First up to the stage, we introduce a man who shall be rocking a Chris Waddle-esque Mullet on Flight Night- WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  2. Callum 'The Lion' Livesey - Introducing the second of our sixteen! He’s often behind the decks but now firmly behind the oche. Will Callum roar his way to success on the night? Or will he be left behind by the herd? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  3. Guy 'Gunflash' Marshall - Introducing the third of our sixteen! Set to be firing on all cylinders, the ‘Gunflash’ is determined not to be knocked out in round one. However, will Guy steer himself to the trophy on the evening? Or are the wheels set to fall off on the night? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  4. Paulo 'The Tiger' Martins - Introducing the fourth of our sixteen! Ready to pounce his way to the crown, will Paulo’s darts leave the crown purring? Or will ‘The Tiger’ become lost in the wild? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  5. Justin 'The Slinger' Spanswick - Introducing the fifth of our sixteen! He’s traded in the brushes for a set of arrows, but will our next participant be able to paint the board a shade of 180 on the night? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  6. Chrissy 'Flamin' Phoenix - Introducing the sixth of our sixteen! With a ready-made nickname and a dusting of Girl Power, can The Phoenix swoop to success? Or will she be quick to escape the heat of the competition? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  7. Richard 'Ginger Fury' O'Connor - Introducing the seventh of our sixteen! Aiming to vent his frustration on the night, next up we introduce Richard ‘Ginger Fury’ O’Connor. Will Richard be able to deliver a knockout blow? Or will he be the first to throw in the towel? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  8. Nick 'The Enigma' Walmsley - Introducing the eight of our sixteen! Determined to go a step further than his brother, this enigmatic participant is hoping to add some consistency to his game. However, will Nick be able to solve his darting conundrum? Or will he be forever perplexed by his darting puzzle? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  9. Mark 'Sharpshooter' Smith - Introducing the ninth of our sixteen! Ready to Rock, next up we welcome Mark ‘Sharpshooter’ Smith to the oche. Will Mark be the Ace of Spades on the evening? Or will he be left head-banging his way out of the competition? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  10. Andrea 'The Flash' John - Introducing the tenth of our sixteen! Looking to stir up a darting storm, we introduce our next participant, Andrea ‘The Flash’ John. Will her darts strike fear into her competition? Or will the flash fail to thunder? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  11. Eoin 'The Archer' Lynam - Introducing the eleventh of our sixteen! With a steady arm and three trusty spears, next up, we introduce Eoin ‘The Archer’ Lynam. Will his arrows hit the target? Or will Eoin’s accuracy desert him on the evening? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  12. Brian 'Top Flight' O'Leary - Introducing the twelfth of our sixteen! Gliding his way to the stage, next up we welcome Brian ‘Top Flight’ O’Leary. Will our iceman be able to keep his cool under pressure, or will it be an early good night for ‘Top Flight’. WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  13. George 'Unforgiven' Scriven - Introducing the thirteenth of our sixteen! Next up to the oche, we introduce a man who is not too keen on his chances this evening. However, can George upset the odds? Or will his performance be unforgivable? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  14. Lee 'Dart Vader' Camfield - Introducing the fourteenth of our sixteen! A man of many talents. He has noted a pig farmer, gerbil whisperer and moonlights as Dart Vader, to name a few. But can Lee scale the lofty heights to success? Or will he spend most of his evening sitting at the bar? WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  15. Joe 'The Muppet Man' Baugh - Introducing the sixteenth of our sixteen! Hailing from ‘Hank Marvin’ next up we welcome ‘The Muppet Man’ to the stage. Will Joe’s darting venture be a flash in the pan? Or can our chef rustle up the recipe to success. WATCH THE INTRO HERE
  16. Matt 'Lord of the Board' Gurd - Introducing the sixteenth of our sixteen! All hail the Lord! We are privileged to welcome nobility to the stage on Saturday. Mildly recalcitrant, yet quite the gent - can the lord, claim the throne? Or will his quest for White Collar royalty be a step too far? WATCH THE INTRO HERE

Relive the excitement from last year WATCH HERE

WCD - It's darts done differently. Let the fun COMMENCE.

It’s the FINAL WEEK to secure your seat! If you are interested in attending, please contact /

Video credit - Videography:Carl Gallie Photography & Videography, Jersey Darts, Island Fever Events

and the JMI Mechanics.

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