Gaspe House ‘Flies the Flag’

Gaspe House ‘Flies the Flag’ and, "Goes Orange" for Brighter Futures.

Gaspe House ‘Flies the Flag’ and, "Goes Orange" for Brighter Futures

With a love of orange (!) working towards branding and integrated communications, Brighter Futures intend to assert purpose to challenge attitudes, change minds and inspire action.

The symbolic act of flying a flag provides a timely opportunity to raise public awareness of Brighter Futures and Gaspe House Community on Island spirit and impact.

Flags are capable of providing a wealth of messages and meanings and while Brighter Futures continues to consider its identity and brand profile, we look for inventive ways ‘to be seen’ and flags are one of the most important and recognisable symbols.

To have the responsibility to Fly the Flag for Brighter Futures, contact

🧡 Team Brighter Futures

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