Chloie puts her boxing gloves on for Brighter Futures!

Chloe steps into the boxing ring.

We are really proud of Chloe Houllibecq, who is bravely taking on a boxing challenge for Brighter Futures and Pip's Place, later this year.

On 17th November 2023, Chloe will get into the boxing ring - but she can only do this with your support!

Chloie hopes to raise £1,000 to divide between Brighter Futures and Pip's Place, which is wonderful news and a great personal challenge, too.

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Chloie said:

"I'm taking part in the white collar boxing this year in November to raise money for children's mental health and Brighter Futures!

In light of this I've chosen these charities after struggling myself with my mental health and past trauma and having these amazing services help me to get to the place I am now! please donate anything big or small - everything and anything is very much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this."

(Any money sent to JustGiving will be paid to Brighter Futures, and following the boxing event, we will send half the proceeds raised to Pip's Place).

Thank you Chloie for your support - we all believe in you and we know you're going to do an amazing job with your training!


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