Meet The Team

Fiona Brennan

Brighter Futures Manager

I joined Brighter Futures in July 2008 as a facilitator, which involved running courses and groups for families, as well as working as a key worker for a number of clients. As a key worker, the facilitator works closely with clients to support them and their families on their journey with Brighter Futures, which is known as 'The Journey to Well-being'.

I was appointed manager for Brighter Futures in May 2010, gaining a Diploma in Team Leading with the Chartered Institute of Management. As manager I am required to co-ordinate the operational aspect of the charity whilst also organising fundraising events, profile raising events etc.

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Margaret Bailey

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I have worked for Brighter Futures since 2008, having previously worked as a JELLY (Jersey Early Learning and Literacy Years) Facilitator for the Parenting Support Team.

I studied Child Development at Highlands College and I have also attended numerous 'in house' and external training courses to keep me up to date with the current trends and theories.

I am a qualified IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) Instructor.

The purpose of infant massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the community.

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Graca Ramos

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I have worked for Brighter Futures since 2010 which has always been a rewarding experience; every day is spent listening to new stories and dealing with people's emotions and life experiences. This allows us to value life and perpetuate the motto: "It's never to late"

I have a degree in French and Portuguese and I am a qualified teacher. At Brighter Futures I work with our Portuguese families, delivering some of our courses in Portuguese, as parents find it easier to access information in their mother tongue.

I have been on the Parenting Training Course's and have worked within the Growing Together Groups.

Working for this charity has helped me to see things in a different perspective which has assisted me to put myself in others shoes. It is so important to listen and be there for others.


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Ivone Bertram

Brighter Futures Keyworker

After my children started school, I became a volunteer for the Brighter Futures, initially helping in the crèche and in 2010 I became a trainee keyworker. Since starting as a keyworker, I work hard to keep my training up to date and have completed the following: Safeguarding Partnership Board Training; Working with Parents – Citing Guilds Level 3 Certificate; Solution Focused  First Aid (Alaphylaixis); and Make it Real.

I qualified as key worker in 2013 and as I am bilingual I can communicate easily with other Portuguese parents and I can help them to express their feelings in their own language and help them to be understood. This unique perspective ensures that all families are able to access our services without fear of not being heard.

I love my work and it feels great to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life and have had a positive impact on families. 

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Joy O'Gorman

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I became a teaching assistant at a secondary school working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties for four years and left this position to have my second child.

During this time I studied Psychology to A Level qualification at night school. When my son started nursery I went back to college full time and undertook BSc (Hons) in Social Sciences which I completed in 2010.

I initially joined Brighter Futures as a volunteer in October 2010, and became a facilitator in 2011.  I have trained as a facilitator for Steps and Circle of Security.

In my time at Brighter Futures I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many families.  The best thing about working here is that no two days are the same.  The job is varied and the diversity makes it challenging and enjoyable.

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Sarah Kennedy

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I am a keyworker to a number of clients at Brighter Futures offering guidance and support and 1:1's.  Being a Keyworker involves providing a safe, non-judgmental, empathic and understanding space for my clients and being on hand to support and assist my clients alongside other agencies such as schools, Social Security, Social Workers etc.

I am a Qualified Counsellor having recently gained my CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling after years of study. Previous to this I have completed the CPCAB Level 2 Counselling Skills and CPCAB Level 3 Counselling Studies as well as Understanding Alcohol and Substance Misuse counselling.

At Brighter Futures I co-facilitate various groups and programmes at Brighter Futures which have included the Wants & Wishes Programme, Making Changes, Inbetweenies & Circle of Security as well as orgainise the Mindfulness & Keep Fit programmes. I help run the current Drama Group alongside Daniel Austin (Director of the Art Centre) and I am looking forward to performing our third performance at The Art Centre in March 2018 with clients and staff of Brighter Futures.

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Laura Elcock

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I started at Brighter Futures in early 2014, taking the role of Key worker. I love working with the families within my client base, it is a very rewarding and satisfying charity to work within.

I am a fully trained Early Years practitioner, completing my training through Highlands College. I have been working in nursery environments since 2002.

I have completed Child Protection Training, First Aid, Language for Life and Forest School Level 1.

My passion is children's wellbeing and especially Forest School sessions, where we use outdoor environments to enhance the child's development, language, confidence and general life skills.

I also oversee the crèche within The Bridge, ensuring it is a safe and welcoming environment, providing quality care.

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Carla Brito

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I began my journey with Brighter Futures in 2010, when I attended Growing Together with my son. 

Since then I have done a number of courses - Heart Math, Quiet Place, Wants and Wishes, Study Group, Circle of Security, Growing Together Training, Steps and Making Changes.

I became a volunteer in January 2013, helping in Growing Together and with the crèche. In April 2013, I became a Trainee Facilitator, where I continued to help with Growing Together as well as Physibods.

I am a happy, energetic person and I thoroughly enjoy taking part in activities with children as well as interacting with parents and carers. I am so happy to be part of the Brighter Futures team. 

I feel like I am where I am supposed to be and having been a client myself I have a good understanding of both sides. 

The tremendous support I received from Brighter Futures changed my life and gave me confidence again. I am eager to develop and progress within this role so that I am able to support families and give back a little of what I have received through my own journey to wellbeing.

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Natalie De Sousa

Brighter Futures Keyworker

My first experience of Brighter Futures came after speaking to my midwife and expressing my struggle with being a mother of a small child and new-born baby. She suggested that I visit Brighter Futures and access their facilities.

Once I started being supported by Brighter Futures, and interacting with other mums, I felt I was able to cope much better with motherhood.

I started volunteering in 2012 which then led me to become a trainee facilitator in 2013. Since then I have been on a number of courses such as Child Protection Foundation Level, Quiet Place and media training.

I am enjoying every moment of being a Keyworker and I thank Brighter Futures for giving me the confidence and opportunity to help other families that access Brighter Futures.

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Michelle Filipe

Brighter Futures Keyworker

I started volunteering for Brighter futures in the crèche when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011. I stopped once I was on maternity leave. After having my daughter I struggled, my Rheumatoid arthritis came back with a vengeance, I was in pain all the time and was also suffering from PND.

Because I knew about what Brighter Futures do I self-referred and was lucky to become a client.  Having the support of my Keyworker, being able to access the courses available and meeting other parents, I starting to slowly feel like Michelle again. I also joined the Brighter Futures Drama group.

I started volunteering again once my Journey to well-being ended in August 2014.  Then in June 2015 I became a trainee key worker.

In September 2017 I became a qualified Keyworker. I organise the girls night in’s which happen 3 times a year and co facilitate our Making Changes programme. I am proud to be a part of such a fantastic charity & team. Being able to help others on their journey to well-being is such a rewarding job.

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Sarah Woodman

Trainee Outreach Worker

Having been a former client of Brighter Futures I have first-hand experience of what they have to offer. I have attended the Growing Together groups, I got to join the Cookery Classes, the Keep Fit programme, the Wants and Wishes course, Circle of Security parenting course and the Making Changes (STEPS) programme. I also joined the Functional Skills group to refresh my English and Maths skills in preparation to finding work. I was a founding member of the Brighter Futures Drama Ladies group, and I am very proud to have been a part in both the writing and the performing of both our productions. Being given the opportunity to attend these groups has been invaluable to me and was the turning point in my life. The courses and support from the keyworkers helped me move forward from past trauma and difficulties. Together they got me to realise my self-worth, gain in confidence and begin to fulfil my potential.

The ‘icing on the cake’ for me, was when earlier this year in September I became the newest member of the Brighter Futures team as an Outreach Worker. As the Outreach post is a new post for me, as well as Brighter Futures, I am eager to carve out a role that is of benefit to our clients in assisting them in whichever areas they need support. This could be from needing support in getting to the Brighter Futures family centre or help and support in the home. Also I will be able to support clients when they are starting in any new groups who may be feeling nervous or anxious about the prospect of entering a room full of strangers. I am working alongside the Keyworkers in helping to ensure that our clients are able to engage and benefit from what Brighter Futures, as an organisation, has to offer to all parents and children.  

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Linda Lock

Trainee Outreach Worker

I was previously a Brighter Futures client and was supported by them to get my life back on track and gain higher levels of self-confidence and worth than ever before.

I am now pleased to say that I have recently become a member of the Outreach Team and I am working alongside Sarah Woodman to develop this exciting new area. I speak Portuguese and Spanish so I will hopefully be able to help reach out to some more isolated members of our community who are possibly struggling due to language barriers.

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Michelle Hargreaves

Holistic Therapist

I have worked for Brighter Futures since 2010, having previously worked as a fully trained Reflexologist and Massage Therapist with over 20 years experience. 

My qualifications include NVQ levels 1, 2, and 3 in Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage and a Reflexology Diploma and I have recently completed CPCAB Level 3 Counselling Skills and am currently studying towards CPCAB Level 4 Counselling Theory Studies.

I work with parents to focus on relaxation skills using massage, breathing techniques and visualisation meditation within the Relaxation Programme. I also co-facilitate the Wants and Wishes programme, a course focusing on client’s self-awareness, strengths, goals and skills. This programme enables clients to look at difficulties they face in their own lives while in a safe and confidential sharing environment. Throughout the programme we also cover various mindfulness art based activities whilst children are being looked after in our crèche allowing clients the time and space needed to relax and learn.


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Kirsten-Louise Park

Brighter Futures Crèche Facilitator

I joined Brighter Futures as a volunteer in the crèche in 2011. At that time I had very little experience working within this environment. 

Although having a son of my own, I had only occasionally helped out at his school. Within a very short space of time the support of the staff at Brighter Futures made me realise what a rewarding and enjoyable place it was to work in.

In April 2013, I became a member of staff which was very exciting. Every day is different, which I enjoy. The positive experiences I've already had have made me realise that childcare is a route I wish to continue in.

I know that I will have the ongoing support of my colleagues. It is amazing to be part of such a worthwhile charity which reaches out to the community.

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Joanne Jeffroy

Brighter Futures Crèche Facilitator

I joined Brighter Futures as a client in 2007, with my daughter. I subsequently became a volunteer.

Whilst working in the crèche, I started the NVQ2 in Childcare in 2008 to enable me to work with children 0 - 16 yrs. I have done further studying in speech and language, and autism. I studyed Parents Level 3 in 2013.

Whilst working for Brighter Futures I have grown as a person and have learnt so much as my confidence has developed. I enjoy working with families and giving all the children the best experience possible within the crèche environment.

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Jay-me Bryant

Brighter Futures Crèche Facilitator

I joined brighter futures as a client when I had my daughter in 2009. I then had my son in 2011 and continued coming to the growing together groups and completed a number of courses as a client - Heartmath, Circle of Security and STEPS.

I finished doing Inbetweenies and then I became a volunteer in June 2015 in the crèche.

I've done training through Brighter Futures and in September 2015 I started working a crèche run by CAMHS. I'm now in the crèche all week as a staff member.

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Lucy Fogarty

Brighter Futures Crèche Facilitator

In December 2014 I became a volunteer within crèche. My son had just started pre-school in the September and after spending 4 years raising him I wanted to start volunteering to get back into the working world.

In September 2015 I became a Brighter Futures crèche facilitator. I was so pleased to be given the chance to work with such an amazing charity and help the families that come to us.

Since starting here I have been given various training and in October 2016 I started my Work With Parents, which I really appreciate as it will help me to get where I want to be in my career.

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Ruth Brunton

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Brighter Futures in 2016 as the CEO when I moved to Jersey.

I have a breadth of experience working with children and young people from a range of multi-agency and statutory roles within the public and voluntary sectors including teaching,  School Improvement, Overcoming Barriers to Learning, Cross Phase Multi-Disciplinary Area Groups; School to school system leadership; Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Inclusion and Participation, Transition, Education At Home,  Multi Agency Safeguarding, Family STEPs (Solutions Towards Everyday Problems); 14 – 25 Partnership, Family Learning, Adult Basic Education; English for Speakers Other Languages (ESOL);  Post-16, Further and Higher Education.

I have a degree in Psychology, Human Communication and Education and post graduate qualifications in Child and Adolescent Mental Health; Counselling Skills; Teaching and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).

Every day at Brighter Futures is different but the absolute best part is seeing the children grow and flourish and seeing families making changes so that they can create their brighter future.

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