Sarah Harris.

Brighter Futures is absolutely delighted to welcome Sarah Harris as an Ambassador.

Sarah holds valuable skills by inspiring family, friends, colleagues and online networks to support our work, to become involved in fundraising activities.

She has become pivotal in helping Brighter Futures send the message as to what is needed and why, contributing to the Charity really positively and professionally in many different ways.

These have included supporting events and initiatives, by taking them across Island by becoming a flagship, encouraging more people to support Brighter Futures showing commitment and care.

Helping us spread the word in this way enables Brighter Futures to reach families in Jersey who need our assistance, as well as obtaining the much needed funding that allow us to continue our work.

We see a sense of satisfaction and pride in Sarah for helping to make such a valuable difference, not only to us but to other on Island charities too.

The role of an Ambassador is an important one as it helps us reach new people, inspire new fundraising initiatives as we all work together to create brighter futures for families in Jersey.

For more information of the role of an Ambassador please contact

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