Paul Sands.


Brighter Futures is absolutely delighted to welcome Paul Sands as an Ambassador.

Paul has spent long periods volunteering for two other charities, on the front line delivering the charities' services to the clients/beneficiaries.

Wendy Hurford, President of Brighter Futures, introduced Paul to us. He was absolutely aligned with the objectives and delivery of our Charity, impressed that funds go into helping families directly by giving them essential family and life management skills, with minimal bureaucracy.

Having been part of the Fundraising Committee for four years, Paul recently stepped down however, he remains a valued Ambassador. The Fundraising committee devises the strategy, means and delivery of our fundraising activities.

Paul's specialist experience working in the corporate world to assist Brighter Futures to operate while meeting our charitable objectives has been second to none with ensuring that our financial interests are being well served and, most importantly, that we are generating income so that we can continue our valuable work.

For more information on the role of an Ambassador, please contact us on

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